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Madonna in My Mind

Summer 2009 - Vancouver

Photo and video by Rico Amezquita from the live production of MADONNA IN MY MIND premiere at Roundhouse Theatre - August 2009.

Madonna, the most famous woman alive, has become more than just a pop megastar. She has become part of global culture - and redefined Woman forever. Her influence is so powerful that it extends deep into the subconscious world of imagination, fantasy and dreams.

Madonna in My Mind is an ensemble theatrical exploration for the live stage that takes us to peoples most intimate and astonishing dreams about Madonna - friend, lover and life force, inspiring many to take control of their own destinies and desires. Concept and direction by award-winning Terry Costa from real life dreams, fantasies and tales written by folk from around the planet...

The premiere workshop production ended with the audience joining the cast on stage for a dance party.

Terry Costa continues to collect stories about Madonna: your dreams, fantasies, etc. If you share yours, it might be used in future workshop installments towards the production. info @


August 2009, Roundhouse Theatre as part of the Pride in Art Festival we workshoped Madonna in My Mind; the show closed every night with a dance party where the audience joined the cast on stage and all had their limelight moment. Check out some video images here.

Audience Comments

Some of the audience members left comments in the show book, or sent an email. Here they are:

Congrats! I really liked the concept of Madonna's impact on people's psyche and dreams. I hope Terry refines and keeps progressing it... Well done!

Great to see you in person and tell you what fun "Madonna in my Mind" was at the Roundhouse. Well done! What an attractive, talented cast too. They really knew how to move their nubile bodies....

The ending with the motorbike was unexpected but quite amazing. 3 props for the whole show??? wow, definitely a first for Costa! :)

What a fun show!!! Please do bring it back. We want more dancing...

WOW I had no clue it was going to be something like that. Very exciting indeed!

Hey, do you think you can get the rights to Madonna songs and have the cast sing some songs too? That would be great. My friends and I had a fantastic night as we could not stop talking about the show.

I have Terry Costa on my mind... you dreamer you. Madonna In My Mind was an absolute orgasmic artistic hour. Keep up the amazing work. I could not get to sleep thinking about all the images from the show. The "red moments" were exquisite.

Tres magnifique. Very talented.

The silent dance is my favourite moment. Powerful.

It was fun, sad at times and overall a true artistic journey. I guess very much like Madonna's life. Congratulations Mr. Costa and team. Well done.

You have a knack for teasing us... well worth every step of the way. One of the most exciting shows I've seen in a long time. It could be longer though :)

Fabulous show. Keep us on your email list. We like your style.

We LOVED it :) Keep celebrating... but no "Open Your Heart"? :)

AH.MA.ZING! Trixie is my new hero... after Madonna of course!

Amazing. Well done!

I had no idea what we were going to see. Thank you for making us enjoy a night at the theatre. It was very entertaining and thoughtful.

Love the movements and the red moments. I suggest more of those.

The dominatrix actress was great with her one-liners throughout the show. Nice touch.

The black girl has great boobs!!! Oh, and that voice…

What a handsome/pretty cast - of course expected nothing less...

The most diverse cast seen on a Vancouver stage. Congrats on a great production. I hope you do get to return to it and develop a full length for the near future. Great talent!

What a great surprise. Definitely not what we were expecting.

My boyfriend loved the SMILE moment... just when you expect one more dream... that smile just did it for us.

Trixie is my new goddess. Amazing dance.

We want more nudity!!!! :) Enjoyed it tremendously. Love u.

Great dance from the New Yorker.

Coming back tomorrow again. It was great!!

A-MA-ZING! I want more…

It was a lovely show and definitely will recommend.

It was a great show.

South African guy dance was quite powerful and almost got a tear in my eye.

Love it Terry - the blonde actress was incredible - tonight can the guy in his underwear and no shirt just linger on stage a bit longer? :)

Some of the passages I really wanted to know more but I guess that’s what dreams are like… we wake up just at the point we want more. :) Fantastic!

HOT DJ... can you also make him take off his shirt :)

"Madonna touched my..." nice!!! hehe You are such a teaser... My partner and I were some of those that did not want to leave. It was an absolute joy to watch. Keep up the great work.

Great show! I really enjoyed myself last night! I wish I could see it again tonight but I am seeing some friends in TUTS' Annie! Have fun! Oops, I mean break a leg! ;o)
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