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69 Moments of Life

207 performances... (2001-2004)

After 207 performances in 22 cities, Terry Costa felt it was time to archive the show. Thank you all for your support - it was a great ride!

69 MOMENTS OF LIFE is a theatrical exploration of truth, love and freedom filled with dreams and nightmares. A man flat-lines for 69 seconds and the audience experiences a journey of his psychy for 69 minutes. A lover long-gone. An Icarus obsession. The orgy Madonna never had. Portuguese Aunt Catholic-Selective-Memory; and more.
A buffet of storytelling, imagery, music, song, movement and silence for those who crave something different...

Creator, Designer & Performer: Terry Costa
Associate Director: Jesus Freitas
Sound Designer: Quin Martins
Sound design includes the songs 'Blue Angel' and 'I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy' by Antony and the Johnsons. Intro to the show contains excerpts from 'Muere Lentamente' by Pablo Neruda.

The show is in English with some Portuguese language.

From development in 2001 until show closed in 2004, this was one of those amazing rides in Terry Costa's life that included visiting 22 cities around the world to perform the show.

the reviews

"Sensual 69 life affirming: Terry Costa is an appealing actor in the one-man show 69 Moments of Life", review by Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier “this physical performance piece is far more sensual than sexual… the show itself conveys a gentle, tremendously sincere message that transcends sexual preference: life is for living and loving. …and it’s funny in a sad sort of way. Original music by Antony and the Johnsons is smoky and heartwrenchingly beautiful. 69 Moments of Life is an interior monologue full of dreams, nightmares and fantasies that Costa bravely shares with us. An appealing actor and a hopeless romantic, he wills us to care for him and, most of the 69 minutes, we do.” – Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

“Costa's gift of multi-layered metaphorical storytelling speaks eloquently to all of us regardless of sexual orientation. Costa's anguished dance to the beautiful original song, "I'm In Love With A Dead Boy" by Antony & The Johnsons. Costa shines in an emotionally driven soliloquy, drawing us out of our vicarious gratification so that we may question ourselves, our entrenched attitudes, our prejudices and even our dreams. If you miss this five-star performance, you'll be questioning yourself forever." -Robin Chase, Playboard Vancouver

"When Terry Costa's body stretches through space, it's like his sinews are being magnetized to points well beyond his limbs's extremities... There's even one captivating sequence where the actor moves underneath blood red fabric. Terry's … like a light flickering at the end of a dark tunnel. What might have been depressing is turned into a powerful validation of the beauty and wonder of life itself. 69 MOMENTS OF LIFE is appealing to anyone. It's a splendid example of evocative stage movement and poetic use of language executed by a mesmerizing performer." -John Townsend, Lavender Magazine, Minneapolis

“Self-celebrating and self-effacing at the same time. Highly personal, unabashed, playful, sweet natured, and KIND. Put this show on your list as a HUMAN and FUNNY equal-time antidote to the Episcopalian Empire wringing their hands over what God really thinks we should do with our hearts, minds and genitals." -Dalton Cormier, Thunder-Bay Fringe Festival Producer

" Costa is too likable and his pantomimes, scuttles and reminiscences about life are too strange and endearing not to enjoy. Well-written, fantastic music and lighting.." - Tamara Bodi, Winnipeg Free Press

"Terry Costa's 69 Moments Of Life...explores the pain and ecstasy of being gay and in doing so exposes universal themes of passion, abandonment, and fear of being judged. Costa embraces his homosexuality and makes no apologies... The monologues are juicy...[and] movement segments occupy most of this thought-provoking piece that happily defies mainstream boundaries." - Demetra Hajidiacos, Winnipeg Sun

"69 MOMENTS OF LIFE: A plethora of emotional offerings given by Vancouver's Terry Costa. This one-man show, fuelled by raw emotion and punctuated by erotic movement, is a captivating theatre experience. Powerful, real, and hopelessly romantic." - Sally Panavas, VIEW Hamilton

"Terry Costa is the writer and star in this one-man production. It is a very daring and brave performance by Costa as he presents this unique piece of performance art... I will not attempt to explain it, but I will say that if you want to see something edgy and experimental, you will not be disappointed."- Ken Gordon, CBC Winnipeg

"...the star of '69 Moments Of Life' - the charismatic Terry Costa, who also wrote this piece of experimental fringe work. Definitely not for everyone due to mature content, language and sexuality. Imagery and a somewhat slow European-feel to performance may overshadow some of the thought-provoking evocative text."- A-Channel News @ Night, Canadian Prairies


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