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GoGo Boy Star

Summer 2008 - Vancouver

Sergio won the first ever GO GO BOY STAR competition. The team of the project wishes him all the best in his dance career and future. Thanks to all the participants, partners, sponsors and volunteers for an amazing event.
Energy, vigor, galore, pizzazz, performance and strength in body, mind and soul are some of the qualities the judges will be looking for in the contestants. And, of course, a go-go dancer is expected to animate to any music available at their disposal.
Go-Go dancers are dancers who are employed to entertain at a club. Go-go dancing originated in the early 1960s when women at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City began to get up on tables and dance the twist. There were many 1960s-era miniskirt club goers who wore what came to be called go-go boots to night clubs; club promoters in the mid 1960s conceived the idea of hiring them to entertain the patrons.
Many Gay clubs had male go-go dancers, called go-go boys, during the period 1965-1968. After that, few gay clubs had go-go dancers until performance art dancer John Sex, and his python Delilah, made go-go dancing popular again at gay/bisexual clubs in the mid 80s. John Sex performed at many NYC legendary clubs including Andy Warhol’s Underground, organized the Go-Go Stars float for the NYC Pride Parade in 1986 and was a hit until his last performance at club Mars in 1989 when his breath was taken away by AIDS. Go-go dancing became fashionable again at gay clubs, and has remained so ever since.

Producer/Director: Terry Costa

David Sandford

Logo: Ryan Furlot


Check out images from the project event by videographer David Sandford.
And this was the promo video.
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