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Pico island, Azores


Pico island, Azores, middle of the Atlantic Ocean, vulcanic mountain, prestine lagoons, hundreds of shades of green with flowers perking from every orface, natural sea-pools, whales and dolphins and birds at viewing distance, caves and trails to explore, dark lava fields, over 300 craters visible at climbing the 2351 metre-high mountain... an artist paradise.

Come spend a week, a month or a life-time in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The purpose of the MiratecArts Artist In Residency is to provide an ideal retreat style project space for creative people to connect and build on their creativity while continuing their artistic journey. Emerging and established artists, curators and writers with an identified project and a commitment to concentrated work are encouraged to apply.

We suggest the best months for residency be from January to March (if you like brisk, winter weather on an island), April to June for temperate climate, September to December is Fall weather - mind you in Azores islands all four seasons happen in a day!
In January you can participate in the Mountain Pico Festival (arts festival with programming themed around mountains), and in June you can participate in the Azores Fringe Festival (open access international arts festival). Our music festival is dedicated to string-instruments, Cordas, and happens in September and in December we have AnimaPIX (animation, storytelling).

Stay in a traditional stone-house, a hostel, motel residential or even a 4-star hotel. There are many different type of accomodation at a range of prices. Before booking your stay, please make sure you get our feedback on the location. We may be able to find you a simple space (limited time 3-5 days) if you give back to the community with an art project, lead workshops, etc., connecting to one of MiratecArts festival events. Use our simple studio spaces and nature at the Galeria Costa (1Km of art in nature, 2,4 hectar of land) to inspire you to create. Perfect for en plein air painting projects. Learn about local culture and traditions. Develop your work. Be a part of community.

MiratecArts artistic-director, Terry Costa, will also provide guidance and host events and touristic opportunities. You can visit neighbouring islands of Faial and São Jorge by boat on a day-trip, or plan to stay longer. If you have any questions to not hesitate to ask via info@mirateca.com

TRAVEL: Azores islands are acessible by direct flights from Lisbon, Boston, Toronto with SATA / Azores Airlines.

ACCOMODATIONS: choose your preference of traditional stone house, a room in local islanders home, a motel room, a hostel or even a 4-star hotel.

FOOD: Being a vegetarian used to be difficult on the island, but now there are many more opportunities for such folk. Supermarkets exist on the island. Many restaurants will welcome you and even build a meal around your specificities. Local food is amazing but it may be a little bit on the fatty/heavy side of meats and fish.

MiratecArts has been a host to writers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and much more. We have created now the "Madalena Public Art Routeroute" in the village of Madalena with some of your work.

MIRATECARTS is a not-for-profit artist-run organization created to enhance individual, team and organizational productivity in the arts world. MiratecArts produces, promotes and presents artists, shows and events encompassing all artistic disciplines. MiratecArts was founded in 2002 in Vancouver-Canada and moved to Azores, Portugal in 2012 starting a new organization. It manages the Montanha Pico Festival, Azores Fringe Festival, Cordas World Music Festival, AnimaPIX, and the online platforms DiscoverAzores.eu for azorean artists and artistaslusos.net for luso-descendants and portuguese living abroad, incentivating investment in Portugal with their art.


PedrArte - january 2020


The Case of Atlantis - JAN 2020



MiratecArts supports artists wishing to visit and work in Pico island during the month of june.
For 2020, we are planning a specific program for EN PLEIN AIR painters. For the low cost registration of 200€ / 250USD, our artistic director will provide a welcome dinner, a talk presentation about the island and the two neighbouring islands visitable for the day, provide you with 3-nights accomodation (one-bedroom) in the center of Madalena Town, and take you to at least 3 locations (one per day) for you to explore and paint, give you open-access to the MiratecArts Galeria Costa, a 2,4 hectar land (1Km of Art in Nature) amid vinyards, bush, local forest and coastal line.
Also, you will receive a credit in the Azores Fringe Festival program - the international arts festival. Limited studio working-space is awailavle at this time - please apply before march. Maximum 5 artists will be accepted in this program on the same dates.

CORPO Body ArtFest - we are providing accomodations for artists participating in this program june 10 & 11, 2020; you must do at least one work of body-painting or facepainting, or run a workshop for locals. Apply no later then March 30th by sending an email presenting yourself and what you wish to do or share during your time in Pico island, Azores.

You may also wish to come any other time of the year, but our organization is planning these dates as we find that sometimes it is great to be in a group. Also, end of your stay we have potential to do an event / exhibition / presentation for your work.

Lets talk. Let´s plan. Let´s do arts on the highest mountain of the mid-Atlantic North Ridge, Pico island (PIX airport reachable by www.azoresairlines.pt), Azores - Portugal.

If still interested, let´s continue the dialogue. Send email with your information or links to website, as well as your idea/plan; we can also suggest additional places for accomodations, beyond the 3-night provided. azoresfringe@gmail.com



Pico island (PIX airport) is only accessible by SATA / Azores Airlines and costs fluctuate; direct flights from Lisbon are available, and with only one-stop layover you can also reach us from many European cities and North America: Toronto, New York and Boston with a one-stop layover SATA


check out photos of our past projects in Pico island


If interested, please make contact and we will add you on the list for when applications become available: info@mirateca.com
"Artist residencies provide space, time, and concentration for making art, doing research and for reflection. Residencies are crucial nodes in international circulation and career development, but also invaluable infrastructures for critical thinking and artistic experimentation, cross-cultural collaboration, interdisciplinary knowledge production, and site-specific research." - Contemporary Artist Residencies Reclaiming Time & Space (Valiz, 2019)

"Casa 13"

"Casa 13" has shared kitchen facilities and washroom, a common room, outdoor space, free-internet access, TV, washing machine and is located 5-minute walk from MiratecArts Galeria Costa where you have 2,4 hectars of land amid vineyards, bush, forest and coastal zone to explore. One double-room and two single rooms dedicated ONLY FOR ARTISTS.
This space is dedicated for artists in residency and is managed by MiratecArts - available year-round. PHOTOS
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