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and the winner is... Fraser

Stay on top of what's new with out GAY TOP MODEL 2010 winner: Fraser.

And the winner is...

It was a close race all the way until the last moment, but the night of April 1st, 2010 will stay in the mind of Fraser for a long time as he won the title of GAY TOP MODEL 2010. The fun, exciting, educational project that raises visibility and funds for Friends for Life Society was a great hit for the 3rd season in a row. The spectacle finale attracted the cream-of-the-crop from the GLBT community of Vancouver and amazing fans and friends of the project all came out to cheer for their favourite.

Fraser takes home the tile and the contract with I Model Management, as well as the bon bon Bodywear Award and Double-Take2 Photogenic Award, amongst many prizes from our sponsors; but the three-way tie for second place was the talk of the rest of the night (or morning, as the show finished just past midnight).

Producer Terry Costa admits that coming in to the grand finale, TOP 5 of the 10 finalists were merely a few points from each other, but a tie in the finale was definitely a first, and not expected. Toban, who also won the “On location” Challenge, Riley, who won the V-Rag Challenge and Rob who won the CityTV Challenge, and will be doing the weather live next week on CityTV, as well as the Best Promo Award (with a gift from Jean Paul Gaultier) and the LOV Magazine Award (check out the latest edition of the magazine where Rob struts his stuff), and also an audience favourite - they all ended up with the same score at the end and are definitely winners; “any one of them would have been great as the title holder,” adds Costa, “and I am sure we’ll be seeing much more from them in the months to come.”
Also, Fraser, Riley and Rob won the “Coverboy” Award and are gracing the cover of Charlie David’s novel Shadowlands – coming soon.
Other prizewinners were Adam who took the Acting Award and was the Portrait Challenge Winner; and Michael won the Head Shot Challenge.

All finalists should be proud of themselves; they were a part of something special that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, as Friends for Life Society Executive Director Sheena Sargeant said last night at the show, the organization receives a great amount of exposure and much needed funds by being the charity attached to this project, and that’s what really counts at the end of the day.

The upcoming 4th season was announced last night and preparations are under way for GAY TOP MODEL 004 – bond… bondage. See you next year!

bon bon Bodywear Award Winner: Fraser


LOV Magazine Award Winner: Rob


Double-Take2 Photogenic Award Winner: Fraser


Coverboy Award Winner: Fraser, Riley, Rob

The official cover of the book "Shadowlands" by Charlie David will be available soon.

Acting Award Winner: Adam

View the video with the two finalists for Acting Award: Adam & Toban.

Audience Popular Vote: Rob


CityTV "Live on Air" Challenge Winner: Rob

"Had a blast being on BT Tuesday morning. Arriving, I forgot about the plate full of pastries they have sitting in the waiting room, and just after the competition, temptation won.  There goes the fresh breath. After makeup, they took me over to where I would be doing the weather and briefed me on a few things. Where I would have to stand, what it would look like on TV and how many clips there would be.
So, it was show time and we stated things off with a short interview on the couch talking about the competition, what it was for and how it had made a difference personally. Then we headed to break, walked around the studio to the weather station. and waited for the count down. To be completely honest I wasn't that nervous, sure I stumbled on a few things but it was pretty easy. The team made it super comfortable and told me to have fun with it so I did.
Would I do it again?? FOR SURE!! I was thinking a monthly thing, but doing it shirtless. LOL
Thanks again to Dawn, Kyle and the rest of the CityTV BT team for giving me the opportunity to do the weather, best prize eve!" ~Rob

Photo Challenge Winners: Michael, Adam, Riley, Toban


The third season of the "most fun community event Vancouver has ever gotten" came to a grand finale on Thursday, April 1st @ Celebrities Nightclub.


Check out facebook for PHOTOS from the grand finale by photographers: 
Shane Oosterhoff
Daniel Jolly  
Harry Leonard 
Billy Flanigan


ADMIN/PROMO TASK - gives the model contestant one (1) point towards the final score. There are a total of 5 TASK points available towards final score; 3 points (one each month) for paperwork completion and deliverables, including making deadlines; 2 points are given out for PROMO of final event (one for first contestant that sales 10 tickets, and one for contestant that sales most tickets, before April 1st).

PHOTO & VIDEO + GRAND FINALE CHALLENGE - after tallying up all the professional judges votes, the one that receives the highest score gets a bonus: the model contestant is given the maximum 10 points, per challenge, towards the final score. There are a total of 10 challenges including the grand finale LIVE show on April 1st. Gay Top Model official photographer Nicholas Jang brings us two of the official photos: "the headshot" and the "sports theme" shot.  Photographer Shane Oosterhoff leads the "on location" shoot as well as the polaroid sheet; and Ian Sheh brings "the portrait" competition to life. Photos and videos to be updated regularly; come visit us often!

AWARDS: each award winner will receive a BONUS 1% added towards final score to become Vancouver's next GAY TOP MODEL.
CHARLIE DAVID COVERBOY AWARD: Actor/Writer/Producer, man of all trades Charlie David is working on his new novel, Shadowlands (to be released in 2010); one of the lucky Gay Top Model 2010 finalists will be selected as the cover boy.
BON BON BODYWEAR CAMPAIGN AWARD: One of the Gay Top Model 2010 finalists will have the chance to win a photoshoot with the bon bon team and become the face/body of the company for an advertising campaign in the 2010 season.
LOV PUBLISHED AWARD: One of the Gay Top Model 2010 finalists will have a chance to be showcased in the pages of LOV magazine. The winner of the challenge will receive a photoshoot with photographer TJ Ngan and will be printed in the magazine's April edition.


Gay Top Model producer listens to the fans. This season we are doing a web vote through the official facebook page that counts for 5% of the final score; also the audience votes at the LIVE event on April 1st counts for 20% of the final score. If you want a chance to vote, sign up on facebook, and purchase your ticket for the APRIL 1st grand finale at PRIAPE or Little Sister's Bookstore
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